Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stove Top Popcorn

Who doesn't love popcorn?  It is one of my favorite snacks.  But don't dare give me microwave popcorn - not when the real, stove top version is so easy to make.  And healthier!

Stove Top Popcorn
corn kernels
oil (corn oil is my fav.  Healthier oil options are olive oil or canola oil)
other seasonings (optional)

1.) Pour just enough oil to skim the bottom of your pot.
2.) Sprinkle out corn kernels until they cover the bottom of the pot.
3.) Cover pot with lid.  Turn heat on high.
4.) As kernels begin to "pop" gently shake the pot so they don't burn.
*Keep puppy from going nuts once she hears the "Pop! Pop! Pop!"
**This is a near impossible task :)
5.) Once popping has significantly slowed, remove from heat and pour into bowl.
6.) Add seasonings to your liking!

Be sure to experiment with other seasonings and oils.  Infused oils impart their flavors to the kernels.  You can also use different seasonings - I like Lawrys salt, truffle salts, lemon peppers...the options are endless.

I had a particularly long day yesterday.  Fresh popped popcorn, a vanilla candle, and my DVR were just the medicine I needed to make that long day melt away.  Billy gave me this charming popcorn tub last year - you can pick up your own here.

Then there's always this one - popcorn is Cali's favorite snack too.  And don't worry, we worked on our "toss it in the air/catch it in your mouth" game...we are pros now!!


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