Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patty's Day O'FUN!!! Ombre "Lucky" Sign

Who doesn't looooove a good holiday project??

I gotta be honest, I was having some trouble coming up with a fun St. Patrick's day project.  I didn't want shamrocks and pots of gold this year...just something classy, vintage-y, and fun to spruce up my house and invite the Luck O' The Irish in:)

(Side note: did you know that St. Patrick's Day is an official Christian holiday celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland?  It always falls during Lent, and the Church lifts the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol for this one day! Hence the fun filled, green beer obsessed holiday that it has now become...).

Anyhoo, I finally got inspired on a random trip to Michaels as I was meandering down the wood and paint aisle. Recently I had seen these cool ombre candlesticks online and...

EUREKA!  I knew what I wanted to do this year!

Ombre "LUCKY" letters!!  A fun little vignette to put up in the's  pretty and reminds me of how "lucky" and blessed I am everyday:)  I thought adding the ombre look would spice it up a bit from just all one green color.  

SO.  I found the perfect wooden letters that would stand up on their own.  I chose a big L and Y to whimsy it up a bit.

I laid out the letters at home, along with the dark green and white all purpose paint I decided on.

There are a ton of greens and types of paint to choose from...It's up to you how dark you want to start your letters.

Then I started painting!  I used the darkest green on the 'L'.  A plastic bowl was perfect to hold the paint as I slowly added dollops of white to the green color to lighten it up.  A little white goes a long way, but it's trial and error to find the perfect ascending shades of green that you want for your sign.

I think the K could be just a scosh darker after I saw the final dried finish. I'll have to do that next time! 

This project was less than $20, and it was so much fun to get my hands dirty with some good old fashioned painting!  Like being a kid again!  I will DEFINITELY have to do a project like this with my daughter some day:)

Happy Irish Day!!

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