Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY: Fabric Flowers

These fabric flowers are so versatile - you can use them in many different DIY projects!  Wreaths, centerpieces, lamp shade decor, pillow appliques...endless!

I used these flowers for the centerpieces in the DIY Picnic Wedding Style Shoot I designed for Wedding 101.  Kara used them in her Spring wreath she made last year.  Use your imagination - you'll find a spot for these babies!

Fabric Flowers DIY
Fabric (used felt for these)
Hot glue

1.)  Cut felt into equal sized squares (the bigger the square, the bigger the flower).
2.)  Out of each square, cut a 5 petal flower (Does NOT have to be pretty or even).
3.)  Fold flower in half, then in 4ths.
4.)  Cut off very bottom edge and line with hot glue.
5.)  Glue bottom of flower to a scrap piece of felt that acts as the base of the flower.
5.)  Repeat with all the petals until you have the size flower you want.

Kara's Wreath:

Lamp Shades w/Flowers:

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