Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spotlight: Striped Maternity Style

Oh, there's nothing like carrying around a little extra weight.  We've all been there.  What's new this time around is that extra weight is an actual human being.  Yay for maternity style (insert grimace/smile here)!

I've had to really embrace my inner Earth Mama and get on board with buying maternity clothes.  I tried to hold out and wear my old stuff (aka baggiest clothes) for as long as I could.  But reality eventually set in, and I realized I had to go buy some actual maternity clothing.

So off I trooped to Destination Maternity.  Shall I show you one of my favorite purchases? I think I shall :)

Ladies, you have to buy this 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Side Ruched Top!  It fits great, is long enough to cover anything that needs covering, and is very comfortable.  I have it in every color, and I would wear it everyday if I could!  I'm pretty sure I'll continue wearing these when I'm not pregnant, too!

Pefect for work:

Perfect for date night:

See? I wear it a lot :)


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