Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY: Bell Send Off Wands

DIY projects are my happy place.  And when I successfully create a project that turns out lovely, yet is super simple to make?! Well call me doubly happy.  These Bell Wands are both lovely and easy to make.  I originally made them to use as Send Off Wands for the happy couple at the end of their wedding party.  However, these wands can be so much more than that! Make them with kids, use them in floral arrangements, spice them up with pretty ribbons for whatever holiday is coming up!

DIY Bell Send-Off Wands
Wooden dowels 
ribbon in colors of your choice,
mini silver jingle bells
OPTIONAL: Paint for dowels

2.)  Cut ribbon to size you want (length of dowel is good) and string on 2 or 3 bells.
3.)  Push bells close together on ribbon. 
4.)  Tie ribbon with bells on dowel.
5.)  Tie on any other ribbons you want to add color.
6.)  Hand out to your kids or guests!

**If you want to paint the wooden dowels to compliment your 
occasion, go right ahead! Do this first before you tie on ribbons.

This is such a fun and whimsical alternative to rice, bubbles, or lavender for a wedding send off.   And it is a great project to do with kids - magic wands anyone?


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