Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BABY room Update!

Time for a BABY ROOM update!

I've been assembling pieces from all over the South Bay (and Etsy:)) for this little lady's room. (slash workout room, slash office).  

Remember my inspiration blog for the nursery?

Since then, here is what I've got goin'...

Number 1: The Crib!

We are in love with this crib so far! It was so easy to put together, the grey is PERFECT in the room, and it's streamlined and not too big for a small nursery.

Number 2: Driftwood Rods!

I wish we had access and time for foraging for our own driftwood.  Very possible if you have access to rivers, beaches.  BUT when in doubt...there is always ETSY!  Can't wait to get these rods up and have some fun decorating!

Number 3: Star Decals! 

I'm waiting to get our Blush and Ivory Decals to put above the crib on all that empty wall space. Stay tuned!

Number 4: Shelving!

These Ikea Floating Shelves were $7.99!  I cannot WAIT to DIY them up with paint, stain, leafing, who knows?!?  

Number 5: Ivory Sheepskin Rug!

So this Ikea Faux Ivory Sheepskin Rug was $9.99.  It was almost identical to the real ones they have for $29.99.  I went with the money saver!

Number 6: Lighting!

We chose this Pottery Barn Capiz Flower Pendant to hang as well.  I can't wait for it to arrive!

And finally Number 7: Mirror Rehab!

Here is the mirror we have hanging now: 

It's a little dark and heavy for the room right now.  

Here is what I saw antiquing the other day and got INSPIRED!!

Phew.  That's what's going on in my house these days...LOTS of projects to DIY in the next few weeks!

Wish me luck, let me know if you have any tips or tricks as I go on this adventure!!


  1. We have that very same crib and we love it.

    1. Love it! So glad to hear you like it....We don't have the baby yet, but we already love the crib:)