Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts on Describing "Style"

Last week I mentioned this style quiz on the Homegoods website.  I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the mini photos and picking the 5 that attracted me the most.  Hilariously (and not surprising whatsoever) each time I looked, a different set of photos would attract me.  This is a chronic problem for me - picking AND STICKING with my "style".  Whether in home decor, fashion, attitude...I've always been a fickle minx - flitting from style to style - and chameleon-like in my ability to adapt to my environment.  One thing I've always known is I like things comfortable...sofas, jeans, etc.  But Comfortable is not a style.  At least not on its own.  So now I'm on a journey to nail down the right combination of words that describe my style.

I love the categories they came up with.  I've listed them below, with my thoughts after:

Boho - whimsical, carefree, eclectic
Classic - elegant, traditional, seamless
Urban Funk - edgy, industrial, soulful
Set Sail - beachy, calm, comfortable
Socialite - high end, trendy, fashionable
Spa Life - serene, contemporary, organic, Asian influence
The Traveler - global, collective, eclectic
Vegas Baby - trendy, glitzy, over the top
New Country - comfortable, rustic, modern simplicity
Farmhouse Glam - rustic, elegant, opposites
Modern Metro - contemporary, industrial, minimalist 
Sassy - fun, feminine, colorful

What I think is missing:  
Tuscan (could be lumped with The Traveler however I believe traveler is more global than strictly Tuscan Style).  And honestly, I think Traditional needs to be its own category.  Classic and Traditional seem to be lumped together, but to me traditional means an elegant, collected style with antique accents. Classic has a modern edge to it.


source - CLASSIC

BOHO Style

source - BOHO

As I really think about these categories and what they mean to me, the ones that hit closest to home are Boho and Classic.  On first look, it seems like these are complete opposites.  But maybe that's why it fits - I am a bit opposite. I mean, my nickname when I was little was "Ms. Opposite".  The basic pieces in my house are Classic: navy wing back chairs, neutral L shaped sofa, striped floor rug, metallic mirrors.  But my accessories are all Boho: patterned pillows and throws, purple accent chair, turquoise side table, candles and books galore.

This also fits when I think about my style when it comes to fashion...

The bones of my wardrobe are classic pieces - think skinny jeans, trench coats, striped tees:

But I love being whimsical and fun - floppy hats, lace dresses, fringe, booties:

Apparently, a blend of the two is just right - classic pieces like a white tank and butter leather jacket mixed with a colorful maxi skirt, clutch, and necklace OR a simple navy dress with an outrageous necklace and snakeskin clutch:

Soooo, after all this, what is my style?

Classic Comfort with Boho Flair

or maybe

Classically, Comfortably Bohemian?

Classic Bohemian Comfort?


Either way, there we have it! Apparently I've expressed all along what my style is - I just needed to break it all down and really study it to be able to describe it concisely.  And I'm dead serious when I say I just figured this out.

Yeesh, thanks for listening :>)


PS: Let me know what your style is! What other categories are missing?  Does your home style match your fashion style?


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day! Interesting post...I like lots of different decor styles..I like beach house-style interiors (demijohns, driftwood, shells), I like boho (the mismatched objects, the colour), and I love all-white interiors, French farmhouse style. I'm constantly working out how to put it all together...I guess that's the fun of it! As for my personal style, even though I sell vintage, I actually never wear it (aside from vintage clutch purses) - go figure! Alison

  2. this post is fascinating!!! Love it!!

  3. Bold colors, luxurious fabrics, a gilded piece, funky weird lamps, drippy chandeliers, wacky art, pieces with A STORY. Hmmm... I think I would be Boho, Urban Funk, with a touch of Socialite. A Bohemian Urban Funkalite?! I'll take it!! Katie :)

  4. Love this post! I swear nailing my "style" is what I struggle with the most. Can I have a style diagnosis please? :)
    I identify with all of these:
    Classic, Socialite, The Traveler, Farmhouse Glam, Modern Metro AND Sassy...