Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall and Winter Uniform

Sooooo I do realize Fall officially started over a month ago.  In my defense, it's been 90 degrees in LA since we moved out here in August!  I'm a little (lot) late on the fall fashion bandwagon.  But I think I've finally "pinned" down my go-to uniforms to get me through this fall and winter season.  In the spirit of trying to Spend Less/Save More (SLSM), all of these looks are mostly made up of pieces I already own....:>)

                                                   1.                                                         2.                                                        
                                                 3.                                                          4.

Look 1 - California Breezy
Components: grey skinnies, long white tank/tee, large patterned scarf, oversize gold watch
This will be perfect for those in between days we have here in Cali - cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, back to cool at night.  SLSM: I already own grey leggings AND grey skinny jeans, a long white tee, a few patterned scarves, and a gold watch - thanks to Christmas from Billy last year!

Look 2 - Cozy Chic
Components: oversize global patterned wrap sweater, black leggings, booties
I love me a great oversized sweater - oh the christmas cookies you can hide behind that :>)  This looks comfortable but still stylish.  SLSM: leggings (obvi), oversize black and white sweater, booties.

Look 3 - Uptown, Downtown, Anytown!
Components: carmel tall boots, black or grey tights, blush skirt, blazer
I'm seriously obsessed with this one.  I LOVE that skirt.  How comfortable, yet feminine, but still tough with the boots and tights? Eeeee! SLSM: carmel boots, tights, short blush skirt.  NEED: I would love to find a longer skirt like this one, I don't have a light colored blazer...but another blazer could work, or even a chunky sweater.

Look 4 - Casual Winter Whites
Components: chunky cream knit sweater, long white tank, jeans
I love the winter white look.  Have yet to try it this year, though.  It feels so fresh and light....great for mild California seasons.  SLSM: long white tank, jeans. NEED:  Chunky, longer cream sweater. I have several sweaters in darker colors, but if I'm trying to pull off the white look, I definitely need to invest in  the above sweater.  Its Free People - but sold out.  Guess I'm on the hunt!


What is your fall uniform?  I'd love to hear (steal!) your ideas!!


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  1. adorable...I think I need to do this with my closet!