Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday again? Already? Yay! This week flew by for me (Kate).  I'm excited to spend a quite weekend at home with my husband and the pup.  Some USC football on Saturday, some rug shopping on Sunday...sounds pretty good to me.

 This week included International Day of The Girl - a movement that speaks out against gender bias and advocates for girls everywhere.  CNN's article "To My 15 Year Old Self: Things I Wish I'd Known" featured several prominent, current women leaders of today.  Check out the full article here.


I seriously need this Union Jack coffee mug from Zara Home. 
It only comes in sets of 6...maybe I need 6?

Song of the week is Ellie Goulding's new single Anything Could Happen.  "This album for me is a journey from dark into light, from confusion to understanding. I didn't set out to write a break-up record but I think it became one," Goulding said of the record.  It's a great track - I'm eager to hear the rest of the album.

My favorite instagram this week is of me and my dear friend Ann.  This is us at the Nashville wedding we attended last weekend - I miss this girl! She has a wonderful blog...check it out here.

Weekend Weekend Weekend!! Can you tell that I (Kara) am overjoyed at the thought of a few days to relax? Not much planned at our house this weekend, we will be watching college football, getting together with friends, and just hanging out with the pup.

I stumbled across this fall front porch, and I am thinking I need to create something similar this weekend.


I have been on the hunt for new drapes for our office, and this look has inspired me to find something burnt orange. I love the color in this room.


My favorite inspiring quote this week relates to music.  In my world music makes everything right. I am going to find a way to make this or buy it, because it is perfect.

WELL!  It has certainly been an entertaining week for me (Kacey) :)  I'm in Macon, Missouri right now working on a show called Honky Tonk Angels!  It's a tiny little Midwest town with LOTS of good people, and I get to work with 2 amazingly talented women.  BUT!  My favorite parts of this week???

First of all:

Check out the view from my bedroom window!!  IT'S FALL Y'ALL!!!!!!! Sigh...that just makes me super happy.  I never get fall like this in Los Angeles!!  

This week we are learning lines, songs,  and dances...opening night is...
and I have a lot to learn:)  My character sings some songs by the incredibly talented Bobbie Gentry which brings me to my next favorite of the week...

I mean COME ON!  What a pic! 

love the hair, love the style, love the make up.  She was one of the first female country music starts to write, record and produce her own music! Talk about inspirational.  

I'm going to leave you with a link to a video of her singing "Ode to Billy Joe".  It's downright haunting...

And I get to sing it onstage:)  I love my life!

Good stuff...enjoy it lovely friends! And Happy Friday~!




  1. Loving all these posts, girls! Had so much fun with you Kate, thanks for the blog shout out :)

  2. can it be friday again every day? i love the 3 sisters posting on the same post! my favorite! =)