Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Doily Umbrella Stirring Sticks

This is one of my favorite DIY's! So pretty and practical for a party.  The doily version is perfect for a bridal shower or wedding.  And because any kind of paper can be used to make these, why not choose stripes for a stock the bar party? Or polka dots for a baby shower for a little boy? 

Rachel Moore Photography

DIY Doily Umbrella Stirring Sticks

mini doilies - or paper of your choice
wooden skewer sticks
white card stock
glue stick 
hot glue and gun
mini beads or pearls

1.) Cut card stock to match center circle of doily.
2.) With a glue stick, add glue to card stock circle.
3.) Glue card stock circle to center of doily.
4.) Mark center of doily and cut a straight line from edge of doily to the center.
5.) Line edge of cut with glue.
6.) Bend the doily into a cone-like shape, and glue edges together.
7.) Glue jewel or bead to top of umbrella.
8.) Glue end of skewer stick to inside of “umbrella”.


Rachel Moore Photography


  1. These are so pretty! Such a great idea for a garden party :)

  2. So pretty! What a great idea