Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY Fabric Fringe Bunting

Rachel Moore Photography

I made this pretty silk fringe bunting for a DIY Wedding style shoot awhile back, however it would be perfect for all the upcoming baby showers we are hosting!  It's a simple project that makes a BIG impact.  Buntings, banners, whatever you call 'em - they are a lovely addition to any festive occasion!

DIY Silk Fringe Bunting
Fabric in colors of your choice 
(we chose ivory and champagne)
Hot Glue

1.) Cut fabric into 17 inch squares.  
Then cut each square along diagonal to make 2 triangles.

2.) Lay the hypotenuse of the triangle facing up.  
Cut fringe strips, leaving a 1 inch border along top.

3.) Hot glue the top border of triangle to a long piece of twine,
allowing the fringe to hang  down.

4.)  Continue gluing bunting on twine until your banner is as long 
as you wish!

Hang over dessert tables, gift collections, cribs, kid's rooms, your bed!  Endless options await you!


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