Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspiration Boards...

Kishani Perera's office - the board that got me going this morning.

Ahhh Inspiration Boards.   I just love 'em.  Can't get enough of 'em really.  They always make me so excited about the future....and they make me desperately want to make one for my own house.  So in the spirit of JUST DOING IT, I've decided I will make one within the next month.  The perfectionist side of me is constantly putting off projects, simply because I haven't got the perfect plan or the perfect materials.  Well, I say no more to that!  My new goal is to just start! Just start creating and making and doing and all the good stuff will start flowing in....

Here is a round up of some very inspiring Inspiration Boards:

I love this one! It's wild and chaotic and so invigorating.  Plus, I'm hoping to put my board in our sun room over the sofa, so this is a good picture to leap off of.

Seems simple enough - pop some chicken wire up on the wall and buy some clothespins.  A minimalist approach to a mood board.

I love how this one is almost spilling off of the board and onto the shelf it's leaning's like a physical representation of your dreams jumping off the page!

An old crib spring!? You really can turn trash into treasure!  Fun pop of color too.

Pretty office space...check out the whole post on Glitter Guide.

Side by side dream boards.

A big inspiration board! Leaning on the floor behind the desk...nice for a home office.

I love the detail of this one....ornate gold frame, pretty wall paper or fabric as the back drop...that's all the inspiration you need!

Alright dearies, I'm saying it here! Pictures of my new inspiration board to come...:)


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