Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY: Glittery Snowflake Note Cards

DIY Glittery Snowflake Note Cards

You'll Need:
Plain note cards
Pattern Punch-er
Glue pen (purchase here)
Paper/Craft Glue (clear)
Glitter (purchase here)
small foam brush

Version #1
1.) Take your plain note card and punch your chosen shape into front flap of note card.  We chose a wintery snowflake.

2.) Set aside the cut out snowflake for later use.  

3.) Carefully trace the inside of the cut out pattern with Glue Pen - this will be the inside of the card.  Quickly sprinkle with glitter before the glue pen dries, and let the glitter sit for a minute or two.


4.) Gently shake off excess glitter.  I shake mine into a plastic cup so I can re-use the glitter later.  No sense wasting perfectly good glitter, right!?

5.) Lightly spray the glitter snowflake with hairspray - don't soak, just mist.  This will help hold glitter in place.


7.) Viola! Version #1 is finished!

Version #2:
1.) Take the snowflake cut outs you set aside and brush both sides with clear paper glue using a small foam brush or paint brush.

2.) Working quickly, glue down snowflake on inside of card so it fits in it's cut out spot when the card is closed.  Sprinkle the snowflake side facing up with glitter and let dry.  Brush off excess glitter after a couple of minutes.

And you're done.  These make really sweet little note cards.  I'll be using mine in these last days of winter for "Thank You" notes and "Thinking Of You" cards.


Kara, Kate, and Kacey

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