Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glitter Me

Sometimes you just have to jump on the bandwagon, right?  I couldn't help myself - the glitter manicure happened.  Most people who know me well know I don't tend to...shall we say over decorate when it comes to a manicure? I leave that to Kacey :>)  However this trend is just so stinkin' cute!  Have you tried it yet? It is so easy (not to mention much more budget friendly) to do at home.  Especially when your 24 color set of Martha Stewart Glitter arrives in the mail.  Then you don't have a prayer.

Right after you paint your second coat of color on the finger of choice, simply sprinkle the glitter on top.  Wait several minutes, then swipe a normal top coat over the glitter.

Nail polish: Essie "Feed Me" Base coat, Sally Hansen "All Fired Up", Seche Vite Top Coat