Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year - Pamper Yourself!

Before Christmas, I was asked to be a guest blogger on Wedding 101's a West Coast Contributor, if you will!  The original post was a holiday gift guide for the special people in your life.  Now, it can be a post about New Years Gifts for YOU (or someone special).  There is no time like the present to pamper yourself!

See the original post here .

1.)  Yummy Coconut Mango Candle from Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach, CA is perfect for your bedroom or home office - set the mood with a delicious scent. $24

2.)  Agate Slice Trivet from Gumtree in Hermosa Beach, CA will look gorgeous on your new (flea market score!) coffee table. $69

3.)  Anything from Everlane in California  - this company makes the most comfortable t-shirt he (or you!) will ever wear, not to mention affordable! They have great products for all the men in your life.  I purchased some for my husband for Christmas and they are fab!  $15 t-shirts.

4.)  City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte at Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, CA - a whimsical novel about love, magic, danger, and suspense.  The local authors just had a book signing here in California. Call to get a signed copy sent to your sister – she’ll love escaping with this one! $16

5.)  Lavender Laundry Soap from Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, BC. Not only does it smell delicious, it looks so beautiful sitting on the shelf.  Laundry has never looked so good. $29.95