Friday, June 21, 2013

HGTV Design Star!

You know those events in your life that you have to keep mum about? Especially mum since you signed a confidentiality agreement to keep mum about it?

That's been me for the past 5 months.  At the beginning of this year I began working on a TV show - the 8th season of HGTV Design Star!  I was hired as an Associate Producer, which I admit, is slightly shocking considering I've never before worked in television production.  This position, however, had to do with design, interiors, and styling - which I do so love :)

This year Design Star is partnering up with the amazing One Kings Lane.  Each episode features a One Kings Lane "pop up boutique" - sort of a "bluefly accessory wall" for the designers if you will.  The contestants are allowed to "shop" the OKL boutique for any last minute accessories or furniture they need to finish off their designs.  My job was essentially everything One Kings Lane.  From the set design, to item curating, to styling the was wild.  It was crazy.  It was challenging.  It was amazing!

And this is pretty cool to see:

The episode 1 boutique was set up in an old warehouse.  I layered in rugs and pillows and designed shelving units to help hide the not as attractive parts of the space:

There was literally over 1,000 pieces of furniture, home decor, lighting, pillows, throws, you name it - we had it to choose from.  I had an amazing team working with me...imagine loading and unloading trucks multiple times a day for 8 weeks.  It was an intense job! But we had tons of fun and creating these spaces was an incredible experience!

So be sure to tune into HGTV Star on Sunday nights! This weeks episode features....

Yup.  Kacey and Rossi :>)

You can catch the previous 2 episodes here.


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