Thursday, May 2, 2013

Champagne Cocktail Party - Bridal Shower

How to...
Throw a Champagne Cocktail Party

We threw this champagne cocktail bridal shower for one of my dearest friends before her wedding.  The location could not have been more stunning - the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA.  See below for the easy, beautiful do-it-yourself tips and ideas!

Cocktail Bar
   Champagne (Prosecco, Sparkling White Wine is equally fine)
   3 or 4 different Champagne Cocktail Recipes (we chose a Classic Champagne Cocktail, Pimms Royale, Mimosa, and Poinsettia)
   Garnishes and mixers based on recipes chosen.

   Assorted cheeses with crackers and torn up french bread
   Grapes to garnish cheese plates
   Crudite platter
   Pita chips and hummus

   Scour vintage shops, antique stores, and specialty shops for all different champagne glasses.  Give each guest their own glass to take home with them.

   Candles, candles candles!  My go-to decor.  Tea lights, pillars, tapers, use them all.  We were outside for this party, so we had to be creative in our placement - out of the ocean breeze.

   Silver seashells make gorgeous paper weights.  And real sea shells hold down the drink recipes.

   Wooden Skewer Sticks tied with fun ribbon make festive stirring sticks.

   Undo a pre-made bouquet from a flower store to make a more modern arrangement - place a single stem in each vase.

   Hand tear ribbed card stock, and write down the names of the cheeses - then attach to a wooden skewer and stick in each cheese.

   Write out each recipe for every cocktail you plan to serve.

   Get creative with garnishes:  Berries got poured into wine glasses, vintage cake stands hold cucumber slices and mixers, a martini glass serves up sugar cubes.

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  1. This setup reminds me of my friend's bridal shower I went to last week. I am also planning my own bridal shower next month and I will be using these pics as inspiration. Gotta get started on those Bridal Shower Invitations!