Friday, November 16, 2012

Buoyant, like a magnet

I trudge through 
the water, mud 
sucking up toward 
My knees.  Pulling me 
down unless I keep moving 
forward.  It's slow, treacherous 
work.  the boat is heavy weighing 
on my arms - shoulders, elbows 
ache with effort.

I barely look back.  Eyes always open 
and ahead. One. foot. after. the. other.

But then...

As I let go
the boat washes 
away - sucked
behind me and out 
of sight like
a vacuum sucks 

Black hole.

I am left standing, hands open
                                                      light and free - my face lifts up to the sun....buoyant, like a magnet.

and the sun
      golden on
                        the horizon.

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